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I am pleased to announce that God has entrusted me with His Gospel by sending me to preach the Word at the mission field of this unholy sacrifice that writhes upon that altar of Molech which is also known as the Internet. Amen.


So until Jesus returns to take me to Paradise to fly around and sing with the angels of the glory of God the Father I will toil on this cursed earth until all who live and breathe know that Jesus is the only way to escape the snap-crackle-pop of eternal HELL!!! Amen.

The message is clear when God said in his Holy Bible that He so loved the world that he sent His Son Jesus to die for us sinners and created the everlasting torment of HELL to deal with the murderers and homosexuals and child molesters and liberal Democrats who will all slip and slide down their slippery slope into the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth along with all those poor souls they deceived into believing a lie instead of the truth of God's holy love for His children. Amen.

Instead of committing acts of homosexuality and bestiality and attending "churches" which teach everything except the Word of God perhaps your short stay here on earth might be more wisely spent reading the One True Gospel of TRUTH which is written here by me as the purpose of this ministry is to provide for you free of charge THE TRUTH of the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ which also happens to be the same one and only truth that I believe which is a good thing for me thanks to the grace given to me by the The Lord God because having received this truth from God I will not suffer in HELL like most of YOU WILL because most of you will refuse the one Truth and choose to believe a lie!!! so that you can continue to wallow in pornography and homosexuality and abortion. Amen.

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