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Hatemail from the HELLBOUND. Amen.

Well I've seen some flagrant blasphemous disregard for the Word of God since I was given this ministry which is of course God's ministry but this is clearly as deep into the proverbial septic tank of human depravity as this lost generation can baptize itself. Amen.

First the Lord sent me to preach the Gospel of the justice and retribution of our Lord Jesus Christ at a pornographic message board beginning in November 2000 and that message was summarily rejected without so much as one soul saved. Amen.

Then the Lord in His unbridled wisdom which is apparently much more complex than my own saw fit to for some reason send me in May 2001 to some sort of laboratory experiment for the breeding of corrupt vitiated X Y and Z generation animal worshipping pagan flesh cutting bulimic suicidal white trash rap aggrandizing maniacs known as the LiveJournal gang who have not the slightest interest in salvation which caused me to truly wonder in fascinated astonishment at what the Lord might have been up to but I gave it a shot anyway. Amen.

But this new bedrock of iniquity has to be seen to be believed. Amen. The smart-alecky e-mails with their condescending tones and self righteous humanist sermonizing as well as the well meaning but grossly liberalized so called Christian attempts to correct the True Messenger of God which is of course myself have given way to a steady urinous tide of hatred and blasphemy and obscenity which includes but is not limited to suggestions that I am affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan or that I perform oral sex on Satan or that I am somehow misguided in my attempts to steer the unsaved away from the direction of eternal HELL. Amen.

And so if you are not already on the verge of regurgitation due to a steady diet of distilled spirits and illegal narcotics and clove cigarettes as well as of course your store bought cookie dough straight out of the tube and your Skittles and your snowboarding baggies of Top Ramen and the rest of your junk food menu I would like to invite you to really push the envelope and test the limits of your physical constitution by reading just a small unedited sampling of the hate mail which ceaselessly pollutes my Outlook Express inbox. Amen.
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